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BioPro Cellphone Chip
BioPro Cellphone Chip
BioPro Cellphone Chip
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BioPro Cellphone Chip
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The cell phone chip is designed using advanced dual action technology (ERT and MRET) to assist you in neutralizing the environmental stress triggered by EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). Cell Phones, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets, and other hearing devices emit radio waves that research has shown over time is linked to various stress induced problems and illnesses. 
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The BioPro cell chip has embedded an advanced technology designed to neutralize the negative stress effects triggered by EMF.  When exposed on a daily basis to the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from Cell Phones, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets, and all other headsets, it is possible that you are compromising your health and well being.  EMR has been linked to various stress-induced problems and illnesses.
BioPro's Cell Chip combines the benefits of two powerful, innovative and scientifically substantiated technologies - the patented noise field nano-technology MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) and the proprietary subtle energy innovation ERT (Energy Resonance Technology). Individually and collectively, these cutting-edge technologies offer a groundbreaking and effective way to deal with the cummulative stress associated with living in today's electronic environment.
Potential Benefits:
- Groundbreaking dual action technology designed to help address EMF
- Convenient and affordable
- Works great on PDA’s and Bluetooth!
One of the most prevalent electro-pollutants today is the Cell Phone. With two billion people worldwide (and growing) using a cell phone on a daily basis, the potential health risks are fast becoming epidemic in scope. In addressing this issue, BioPro  developed the dual-action BioPro Cell Chip™ to assist in addressing the negative impact of EMR by changing the characteristics of the electromagnetic field emitted by your Cell Phone and other EMR emitting devices (like PDAs, Bluetooth headsets, etc.) through a passive noise-field, created by the patented MRET polymer. In the presence of external electromagnetic fields, the BioPro Cell Chip also emits a subtle energy field that energetically resonates with the human Biofield. How can you afford not to be protected?



The typical American household uses 21 percent more electricity today than in 1978.  Here’s why:


92%  have more than 2 televisions per household

84%  have DVD players

82%  have cordless telephones

76%  have at least one cell phone

62%  have digital cameras

32%  have MP3 players

25% have high-definition TVs

17%  have more than 2 refrigerators


Sources:, Energy Star

News that Men should know...
The following Scientific Papers from 2002 -2007 suggest "use of cell phones decrease the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count, motility, viability, and normal morphology. The data suggest that Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted by cellular phones influence human sperm motility. In addition to these acute adverse effects of EMR on sperm motility, long-term EMR exposure may lead to behavioral or structural changes of the male sperm cell."
Many experts in this area advise that men of all ages keep cell phones out of their pockets and away from reproductive organs. They also recommend that they use a primary intervention such as the BIOPRO Cell Chip.
So read and take action.
MOBILE PHONES AND MALE FERTILITY: Scientific papers 2002-2007
1. M. Davoudi, C. Brossner and W. Kuber, The influence of electromagnetic waves on sperm motility, Urol Urogynaecol 19 (2002), pp. 18-22
"Our data suggest a decreased motility of rapid progressive spermatozoa caused by electromagnetic waves of GSM- mobile phones. These findings may have an impact in counselling subfertile men."
2. R. J. AITKEN, L. E. BENNETTS, D. SAWYER, A. M. WIKLENDT and B. V. KING. 2005. Impact of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation on DNA integrity in the male germline. International Journal of Andrology, 28(3):171-9
"This study suggests that while Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Radiation does not have a dramatic impact on male germ cell development, a significant genotoxic effect on epididymal spermatozoa is evident and deserves further investigation."
3. FEJES I., ZA VACZKI Z., KOLOSZA R S, DARU J, KOVA CS L, PA L A. 2005. Is there a relationship between cell phone use and semen quality? Arch Androl, 51(5):385-93.
"The prolonged use of cell phones may have negative effects on the sperm motility characteristics."
4. STEFANIS P, DRAKELEY A, GAZVANI R, LEWIS-JONES DI. 2006. Growing concern over the safety of using mobile phones and male fertility. Arch Androl, 52 (1):9-14.
"There are many animal studies that show that electromagnetic waves have a wide range of damaging effects on the male reproductive system and sperm parameters."
5. EROGUL O, OZTAS E, YILDIRIM I, KIR T, AYDUR E, KOMESLI G, IRKILATA HC, IRMAK MK, PEKER AF. 2006. Effects of electromagnetic radiation from a cellular phone on human sperm motility: an in vitro study. Arch Med Res. 2006, 37(7):840-3.
"These data suggest that EMR emitted by cellular phone influences human sperm motility. In addition to these acute adverse effects of EMR on sperm motility, long-term EMR exposure may lead to behavioral or structural changes of the male germ cell."
6. AGARWAL A, DEEPINDER F, SHARMA RK, RANGA G, LI J. 2007. Effect of cell phone usage on semen analysis in men attending infertility clinic: an observational study. Fertil Steril. 2007 May 3
"Use of cell phones decrease the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count, motility, viability, and normal morphology. The decrease in sperm parameters was dependent on the duration of daily exposure to cell phones and independent of the initial semen quality."
7. WDOWIAK A, WDOWIAK L, WIKTOR H. 2007. Evaluation of the effect of using mobile phones on male fertility. Ann Agric Environ Med., 14(1):169-72.
"In the analysis of the effect of GSM equipment on the semen it was noted that an increase in the percentage of sperm cells of abnormal morphology is associated with the duration of exposure to the waves emitted by the GSM phone. It was also confirmed that a decrease in the percentage of sperm cells in vital progressing motility in the semen is correlated with the frequency of using mobile phones."
8. YAN JG, AGRESTI M, BRUCE T, YAN YH, GRANLUND A, MATLOUB HS. 2007. Effects of cellular phone emissions on sperm motility in rats. Fertil Steril., 88(4):957-64.
"These results suggest that carrying cell phones near reproductive organs could negatively affect male fertility."
9. DEEPINDER F., MAKKER K., AGARWAL A. 2007. Cell phones and male infertility: dissecting the relationship. Reprod Biomed Online., 15(3):266-70.
"Although previous studies suggested a role of cell phone use in male infertility, the mode of action of EMW (EMR) emitted from cell phones on the male reproductive system is still unclear."

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