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PrimaGenx™ | SBO Probiotic Matrix™
enhanced with living Blue Green Algae (180 capsule bottle)


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Product Label
Supplement Information

Serving size 1 capsules
180 capsules per container
%Daily Value
Amount Per Serving: 1 capsule
Calories 2  
Calories From Fat 0  
Total Fat 0 mg  
Total Carbohydrates 1 mg 0%
Protein 0 mg 0%
Iron 3 mg 15%
Sodium 0 mg 0%
*% Daily Value based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Not a significant source of saturated fat, cholesterol, dietary fibers, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C or calcium.
Other Ingredients: Organic Vegetarian (capsules)
No Dairy, Salt, Artificial Color, Flavoring, Sweeteners, Preservatives, Fillers, or Artificial Additives. (NOTE: The Blue Green Algae contained in this formula are living strains which have been naturally farmed out of the wild in a controlled environment providing the purest and highest quality algae.)


The blending of nature's two most life-enhancing ingredients for ultimate wellness!

PrimaGenx™ is a high potency broad spectrum SBO Probiotics Matrix™ (Soil Born Organisms) enhanced with Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria). This is the ultimate supplement for foundation of health. PrimaGenx™ boosts immune function, restores digestive function and eliminates toxins. The combination of these two elements create one of the world's leading anti-age supplements. In higher concentration, this formula has been labeled a Medical Food.

SBO Probiotics Matrix™ is a matrix of friendly bacterial organisms extracted from the soil. The matrix is made up of organisms which were initially isolated in their purest form away from any contaminants then they were placed in the matrix environment of vitamins, minerals and more which is their natural food source. In this environment, the organisms have co-existed in a symbiotic relationship learning to survive and thrive for a long time. When they are harvested from this natural environment, they are inert wrapped in their own food source. They stay dormant until they get activated by gastric juices to reconstitute and multiply in great numbers and go to work where they are needed.

Besides the SBO's, PrimaGenx™ is enhanced with Blue Green Algae, a powerful living food with chlorophyll. It is rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. It is also a powerful detoxifier, promotes intestinal bacteria, aids in digestion, lowers bad and raises good cholesterol, and so much more. The combination of the SBO Probiotics Matrix™ and the Blue Green Algae has created a probiotic formula without competition ahead of its time.

Supplementing with PrimaGenx™ as a healthy lifestyle choice may contribute to

  • healthy immune response
  • healthy digestive system
  • normal bowel function
  • upper respiratory health
  • normal balance of yeast
  • normal youthful beautiful skin
  • healthy female hormone balance
  • healthy male hormone balance
  • no stomach bloating
  • less health damage from emotional and mental stress

Ingredients consist of a blend of naturally occurring live friendly organisms of Blue Green Algae, L. acidophilus, L. lactis, L. casei, B. subtilis, L. plantarum, L. fermentum, Bifidobacterium bifidum, B. licheniformis, Chlorophyll a & b, plant derived Fulvic and Fatty Acids with a macronutrients amino acid blend of Aspartine, Glycine, Glucosamine, Glutamine, Alanine, Valine, Serine, Leucine, Threonine, Galactosamine, Proline, Lysine, Arginine, Phenylalanine, Histidine, Tyrosine, Cysteic Acid, Hydroxyproline, Methionine, Methionine Sulfoxide, Cysteine. See the Supplement Facts at the top right for more details.

Note: When you first start using PrimaGenx, it is important to follow the directions and start slowly. The product goes to work immediately and can precipitate a die-off of bad bacteria in your intestinal tract. This can lead to some temporary reactions such as excessive gas or bloating or stomach rumblings, even some cramping can occur but not for more that soem where between 10-21 days. These reactions signifies that the product is working. If for any reason you are uncomfortable simply cut back on the amount you take for a few days and slowly build back up to the full amount.

Besides the above mentioned symptoms, some people may experience a mild laxative or constipating effect. These again are signs that the beneficial bacteria are remodeling, detoxifying and improving the gut environment. Again if there is excessive discomfort, please reduce the amount of product you are taking for a few days and slowly build back up to the regular dose. If such a transition lasts for more than 14 days, consult your health professional.

Health Benefits

Digestive health is critical to overall health.

To this end, PrimaGenx™ can help maintain healthy digestive function and promote overall health. PrimaGenx™ supports the body in a variety of ways. To better understand the powerful health support available in this product, we have listed the benefits of the SBO Probiotics Matrix™ and the Blue Green Algae separately. If you only take one nutritional product, we highly recommend that you make PrimaGenx™, the foundation of your health regimen. There are no known side effects from taking this product.

SBO Probiotics Matrix™ have been shown to

  • improve gastrointestinal health
  • increase intestinal absorption of nutrients
  • prevent bad bacteria and fungi from colonizing the gut
  • replenish friendly colonic micro-flora
  • support gut regeneration and balance gut microbiology
  • balance colonic pH and set the stage for restoring immune health
  • reduce both acute and chronic inflammatory processes
  • improve overall health and well being
  • eliminate bloating and gas
  • improve immune function
  • restore regular bowel function
  • detoxify the body including heavy metals
  • regulate endocrine glands
  • provide safe alternative microbial stimulation for infants
  • help strengthen young children’s immune system
  • help promote normal weight in children
  • help promote normal immune function in children and adults
  • produce Lactoferrin an important line of defense
  • inhibit Overactive Immune Systems in Adults and Children
  • enhance life expectancy

Blue Green Algae is

  • a super food source with over 100 nutrients
  • rich in minerals (especially iron, zinc, selenium and magnesium), vitamins (especially B and C vitamins) and , enzymes, and amino acids (it is a complete protein)
  • richest food source of antioxidant compounds including carotenoids (beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein)
  • a wild food with a fantastic array of brain-specific phytochemicals
  • an immunosuppressant against abnormal cells
  • known to contain the most biologically active chlorophyll on the planet
  • an exceptional source of Omega-3 fatty acids

Blue Green Algae has been shown to

  • promote growth of probiotic intestinal bacteria
  • bind harmful toxins to remove from body (pesticides)
  • detoxify helping reduce kidney damage
  • reduce inflammation
  • enhance the body’s own mechanism of regeneration
  • improve halitosis (bad breath)
  • help the digestion process
  • lower levels of "bad" cholesterol, raises "good" cholesterol
  • reduce allergic rhinitis symptoms

Probiotics and Blue Green Algae have been recognized to support the following health challenges:

  • Hypoglycemia,
  • Poor memory,
  • Attention deficit disorder,
  • Chronic fatigue,
  • High cholesterol,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Poor immunity,
  • Skin problems,
  • Allergies,
  • Asthma,
  • Rheumatoid diseases
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Inflammatory disease
  • Viral infections

Why PrimaGenx™?

PrimaGenx™ provides a powerful bang by bringing together two of nature's oldest and purest elements.

  1. SBO Probiotic Matrix
  2. Blue Green Algae

Both elements are derived from nature dating back eons of time. The SBOs in the SBO Probiotic Matrix™ are derived from the soil, one of nature's most basic elements. These critters have been living together for billions of years. Encapsulated these organisms make up a multi-strain pre/probiotic matrix. This matrix is a fully functioning whole living food that communicates with the body in many ways. It reminds the body of what it requires to function at an optimum level on its own while simultaneously providing support for what is needed in areas that are deficient. In fact, the DNA/RNA produced by the SBO Probiotic Matrix™ carries the naturally-coded instructions for the activation of self-repair in certain human cells.

The Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) is the oldest living organism on planet Earth dating back 3.5 billion years. In fact, the Earth's early atmosphere was converted into its present oxygen-rich state from the Cyanobacteria's ability to photosynthesize - the beginning of life. PrimaGenx™ has included both these elements and produced a supplement/food source that contains an energetic power that has survived the pressures of time. Perhaps within these elements are some of the deepest energetic mechanisms of action yet to be discovered.

With the addition of the Blue Green Algae, PrimaGenx™ is in a league of its own when compared to most probiotics on the market for several reasons. No known probiotic on the market to date can boast such a powerful pairing. In addition, PrimaGenx™ meets all the criteria for an effective probiotic, and it has an extremely long shelf life at room temperature.

It should be noted that scientific studies reveal that once you stop taking a probiotic supplement, within 7 to 30 days the micro flora population in the body substantially declines or totally disappears? Therefore, it is strongly suggested that people nutritionally supplement with a probiotic daily.

PrimaGenx™ is vegan, non-dairy, non GMO and bovine free.

Why Probiotics are an Essential Element for Health

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found naturally in the intestinal tract of healthy people.

They are essential for life. They make some of our vitamins, they help digest food, they balance hormones, they detoxify our bodies and they keep our intestinal tract healthy.

Bacteria are extremely important to our health and overall survival because of their extreme flexibility, capacity for rapid growth and reproduction, and their age - 3.5 billion years old. Unfortunately, every day our bodies are assaulted with millions of toxins that kill the good bacteria in our systems. These toxins come in the form of processed and genetically modified foods, toxic beverages, chemicals in topical creams, soaps, lotions, perfumes and shampoos, the air we breathe, the drugs we take, the thoughts we have, the heavy metals we ingest, EMF and radiation exposure, etc. The list goes on and on when you consider the American lifestyle. Our bodies are bombarded with so many chemicals, processed, refined and artificial foods that in today's world it is hard to know how to separate what is good from what is the bad for us. The result is that all these toxins suppress our body's natural ability to heal resulting in many negative health conditions.

More than 90% of these toxins enter the body through the intestinal tract. From the intestinal tract, the toxins make their way into the blood stream where they begin eroding our entire biological system. The end result is health breakdowns. Therefore, you could actually say that 'disease starts in the intestines' or conversely that 'health starts in the intestines'.

The health and efficiency of the digestive system depends in great part on the complex interaction and balance of the intestinal ecological system. This system is made up of over 500 different species and thousands of strains of organisms inhabiting the human gut. In fact, there are about 10 times more bacteria in the gut, than there are cells in the human body. These bacteria communicate with the body and the immune system through the epithelial cells of the gut wall using a complicated system of messenger chemicals. Another way to look at this is that the intestines harbor a complex ecology of probiotic "friendly" flora (as an example - lactic acid producing bacteria) along with "unfriendly" bacteria known as coliforms, bactericides, yeasts, pathogens, etc. Needless to say, maintaining a healthy balance between the good and bad is what we should strive to achieve. However in today's world, this is extremely difficult to accomplish without supplementing with a probiotic because of our diet, stress, lifestyle choices, environmental factors, etc.

As we age there are even more reasons for supplementing with a probiotic since the levels of beneficial bacteria decline dramatically over time. Some of the reasons for this decline include:

  • Over time, the colonies of friendly bacteria just naturally age and lose their vitality.
  • Disruptions and changes in the acid/alkaline balance of the bowels can play a major role in reducing the growth of beneficial bacteria. In addition, these changes tend to favor the growth of harmful viral and fungal organisms as well as putrefactive, disease-causing bacteria.
  • The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like Advil, Motrin, Midol, etc. are destructive to intestinal flora.
  • Chlorine in the drinking water not only serves to kill bacteria in the water, it is equally devastating to colonies of beneficial bacteria living in the intestines.
  • Radiation and chemotherapy have a devastating impact on your inner bacterial environment. Virtually all meat, chicken, and dairy that we consume (other than organic) is loaded with antibiotics, which destroy all the beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.
  • A diet high in meats and fats promotes the growth of the harmful, putrefying bacteria because of the length of time they take to break down in the human body,.
  • Constipation allows harmful bacteria to linger and proliferate.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol and stress have a deleterious effect on good bacteria.
  • Taking "medicinal" antibiotics will deplete you of any and all beneficial bacteria. The problem is that antibiotics indiscriminately destroy both bad and good bacteria, allowing virulent, mutant strains of harmful microorganisms to emerge and run rampant inside the body. Antibiotics (both medicinal and in our food supply) are the number one reason for the overgrowth of harmful pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract (a condition called dysbiosis).

Diseases associated with low levels of beneficial bacteria can include: acne, ADHD, allergies, arthritis, asthma, bladder and urinary-tract infections, breast pathologies, cardiac problems, chronic fatigue, colitis, colon cancer, compromised immunity, constipation, diarrhea, diverticulitis, ear and respiratory infections in children, eye, ear, nose and throat diseases, foul breath and body odor, gastritis, headaches, hormonal imbalances, IBS, liver and gallbladder problems, migraine headaches, ovarian and uterine cancers, PMS, sinus problems, spastic colon, stomach bloating, and vaginal yeast infections.

How do Pre/Probiotics work?

The microorganism/bacteria breakdown and ferment nutrients in the intestines to produce useful substances for our health.

Some of the benefits of taking probiotics are

  • help neutralize toxins in the intestine.
  • directly suppress specific groups of unfriendly microorganisms by producing antibacterial and perhaps antifungal substances.
  • alter the metabolism of unfriendly microorganisms without affecting other friendly microorganisms present in the intestine.
  • compete with pathogens for adhesion receptor sites on the intestinal wall. These receptor sites are often essential for the successful colonization of the intestine by pathogenic organisms.
  • stimulate the immune system by increasing antibody levels and improving macrophage activity.
  • help the body resist infections, particularly in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • act as the main contributors to the effective elimination of waste material from the small intestine and colon. Approximately 70% of a healthy adult's stool is composed of bacteria.

It is important to note that because of the complexity of the intestinal tract system an unbalance can trigger serious consequences. As previously mentioned some of the major disruptor's of the system include stress, environmental hazards, poor diet, drugs especially antibiotics and extreme use of disinfectants.

There is mounting evidence showing that taking a 'probiotic' enhances immune system health. Studies also reveal that taking a probiotic may contribute to alleviating allergies, infant diarrhea, inflammatory bowel conditions, antibiotic induced diarrhea, gut transit time/bowel function, lactose maldigestion, colic in infants, bacterial vaginitis, IBS and respiratory infections. It has also been shown to have a positive effect on cholesterol management.

Multiple scientific studies have documented that the complex microbial flora present in the gastrointestinal tract of humans is effective in providing resistance to disease. Unfortunately, the composition of this protective flora can be changed by dietary, emotional and environmental influences. As a result, once the flora is altered it contributes to people's susceptibility to disease and/or it reduces the efficiency of the body's ability to utilize food and thereby, eventually, contributes to their susceptibility to disease. Supplementing daily with a Probiotic can help re-establish the natural condition of the body's internal environment as it was designed by nature. As a first line of defense, taking an effective probiotic can go a long way to support the body in restoring its natural intestinal micro flora.

In conclusion, the hundreds of clinical studies demonstrating that probiotics improve digestive health and help the body's immune system would indicate that everybody could potentially benefit from taking a probiotic supplement on a daily basis.

The Probiotic market

At present, there are approximately 72 different Culture Banks in the world today providing over 5,000 different sub-species of micro flora cultures to hundreds of manufacturers. Most probiotic products on the market can be categorized into four types:

  1. Non-viable
  2. Freeze-dried: These will die rapidly if not kept very cool or refrigerated. They are not heat stable. They have a short shelf life usually not exceeding six months under ideal conditions.
  3. Fermentation: Produced through a fermentation process. They typically have low potencies, frequently contain species of organisms different from those labeled, and usually have a three to four month shelf life after packaging.
  4. Viable primary cultures or SBO Probiotics Matrix™: These have a viable, specific sub-species of primary bacteria, high implant levels, and guaranteed potency and a long shelf life (two or more years).

Another variable to consider is that the market has poor quality controls established for probiotic supplements. Some manufacturers claim to have viable organisms of one strain present in large numbers, only to have low numbers of additional strains. Some products claim to have one specific species of microorganisms while, in fact, they have a totally different species. Many probiotic products list their potency at "the time of packaging", instead of according to the actual projected shelf life. The potency of some products can diminish as much as 85% within one month after packaging, even under refrigeration. And as if that wasn't bad enough the public has begun to understand that they should supplement with a probiotic, but they are at a complete loss when it comes to understanding what the differences are between one and another. In fact, many people believe that a good probiotic is one that needs refrigeration when in fact the opposite is true. Or they think that listing CFUs and specifying huge numbers of bacteria indicates an effective probiotic. It does not. With all the different marketing language, it is understandable that people are confused.

Here is a list of the characteristics of an effective probiotic.

  1. It contains multiple strains of micro flora which are viable primary strains (like SBO Probiotics Matrix™) harvested in their natural food source that are capable of exerting a beneficial effect on the person ingesting them (i.e. increased resistance to disease).
  2. It is non-pathogenic and non-toxic.
  3. It is presented as viable organisms, preferably in large numbers, even though the minimum effective dose is not known.
  4. It is capable of surviving and metabolizing in the intestinal environment (i.e. resistant to pH and organic acids and resistant to other antibacterial influences in the intestine).
  5. It is stable and capable of remaining viable for at least two years.
  6. It does not have to be kept under refrigeration.
  7. It is cost effective.

PrimaGenx™ fits all criteria for an effective Probiotic.

Do you need probiotics?

If you are wondering if you should take a probiotic supplement, take this simple quiz.

Have you been on an antibiotic within the past year?
Are you under stress that interrupts the quality of your life?
Do you eat poorly several times a week?
Do you have a sedentary lifestyle with very little physical
Have you been diagnosed with a serious illness within the
past 12 months?
Have you experienced diarrhea or constipation within the
past three months?
Have you had a urinary tract infection within the past
three months?
Do you have food allergies, outdoor allergies, or asthma?
Do you have acne, eczema or other skin problems?
Do you ever experience heartburn, gas, or bloating after
you eat?
Do you frequently get colds and flu?
Do you travel frequently?
Are you overweight by at least 10 pounds?
Do you have a family history of cancer, heart disease, or

If you answered yes, to at least half of the questions, you definitely need a probiotic.

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